Saturday, October 23, 2021

Tube Sizing Index

The Measurements listed below are taken at the waist/sternum.

Our Flirt line of Women’s skirts are distinguished by a shorter tube height, as well as conically shaped providing an easier fit over the hips.

All Neoprene Tube Circumference (inches)

The most water tight seal of any of the tube models.

XXS       xxS    mall                                       24-26

XS         extra small                                       26-28

S            small                                               28-30

M           medium                                           30-32

ML          mediumLong                                   32-35

XL           extraLarge                                       35-38

XXL         xxLarge                                           38-40

c/o          custom order; sizes smaller/greater than listed above are available.

Glacier Tube Circumference (inches)

The most versatile of the tube models.

S            small                                               20-30

M           medium                                           30-40

L             large                                               40-50

Sea Tour Tube Circumference (inches)

Stays up high, fits a large array of paddlers.

45″            small                                               45

50″           standard                                           50

55″            Extra Large                                       55

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