Saturday, October 23, 2021

Ocean Tour Flirt EXP

Ocean Tour Flirt EXP
Designed for ocean paddlers who challenge the surf zone, the Expedition Series Ocean Tour all-neoprene is the best choice for a dependable touring skirt with a watertight seal and reinforced deck edges. The Flirt features a shorter tube height.


3.0mm Neoprene. Available with standard tunnel height as well as the Flirt version featuring a shorter tunnel height.
  • Height: All Flirt sizes = 7"
  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes: Large, Medium, Small, Xlarge, Xsmall, XXL and XXS


4.0mm Supratex neoprene with rim guard reinforcement.
  • Colors: Black and Platinum
  • Sizes: Custom, Large, LL, Medium, ML, Pilgrim, PygmyLarge, PygmyMedium, Riot, SL, Small, TR, TRS, XL+, Xlarge, XLL, Xsmall, XXL and XXS