Saturday, October 23, 2021

Glacier Trek Flirt Breathable

Glacier Trek Flirt Breathable
This is the most comfortable skirt in our lineup. The breathable ECLIPSE tunnel provides comfort, while the Dragon Collar provides for a simple and secure fit around the waist. The Supratex deck is a snap to get on and off. Optional: Waterproof nylon tunnel. The Flirt version features a shorter tube height


Waterproof/Breathable Eclipse fabric, 4" neoprene band
  • Height: 8"
  • Colors: Black, Mango and Red
  • Sizes: Large, Medium, Small and Xlarge


4.0mm Supratex Neoprene
  • Colors: Black and Platinum
  • Sizes: Custom, Large, LL, Medium, ML, Pilgrim, PygmyLarge, PygmyMedium, Riot, SL, Small, TR, TRS, XL+, Xlarge, XLL, Xsmall, XXL and XXS