Saturday, October 23, 2021

DECKS – White Water

NEOPRENE DECKS – Best deck material for keeping water from coming into the cockpit.

Constructed of abrasion resistant, four way stretch 4.0mm Supratex Neoprene.

Snap Dragon has two types of Neoprene Decks:


Trek Series- For flat water on up to moderate paddling conditions, or low class IV rivers.   

Easy to put on and take off yet rebounds into a nice taut fit on the deck.

Choice of skirt for most Instructional Programs.

Skirt models: River Trek, Lip Lock, Kid Skirt, Slalom, Instructional.






EXP Series –  Designed for paddling aggressive water, Class V rivers.

The EXP has a stronger shock cord and a layer of heat tape on the deck edge. The heat tape extends the life of the deck from paddle hits.  It also restricts the stretch of the deck giving it more tautness. Harder to put on than the Trek series.

Skirt models: White Water EXP, Armortex, Lip Lock, Slalom, Instructional (upon request)

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