Jessie Stone

What’s New: 2017 is off to a busy start! During the first quarter, we had a number of visitors and volunteers coming through the Clinic, including non-medical as well as medical volunteers, which was great. We received an amazing donation of an ultrasound machine from the Gould Family Foundation. This will significantly improve patient care by eliminating the need to refer patients to another facility to get ultrasounds performed. We are also on our way to solving our space problem after receiving an wonderful donation from Marc and Jane Rose to help us construct our new building. Among other things, the new building will have a room dedicated to providing ultrasonography services for our patients. Three Mt. Sinai Global Health residents, Dana, Emily, and Kersha, volunteered with us in the months of January, February and March. They were extremely helpful in improving our triage at the clinic, adding to what Mt. Sinai Pediatric residents Genna and Liz had helped us begin last year. Additionally, the residents analyzed and aided in the improvement of our treatment of malnourished patients. This has been extremely helpful, as our area has already experienced two cycles of crop failure this year due to extreme weather (i.e., too much rain followed by drought conditions). Consequently, the Clinic has been seeing and treating even more malnutrition than usual. This quarter, we also had an extra special visit from Dr. Laura MacIsaac, an Ob/Gyn from Beth Israel/Mt. Sinai in New York, where she runs a clinic for underserved women. She has also had great experience working in Ethiopia at the famous fistula clinic. Dr. Laura worked with us both in the Clinic and in outreach, and she even did a terrific continuing medical education session on IUDs for all staff at Soft Power Health. Clearly IUDs are the wave of the future for birth control and family planning in both the developed and developing world. Our new country manager, Mary Prendergast, started work with us this quarter, and we are thrilled to have her as part of the team. Mary is a trained occupational therapist from Ireland and has lived and worked in Uganda for the past several years. We are very lucky to have Mary’s help. Finally, coinciding with the visit of epidemiologist Kate Zinser, and PhD student Margaux, who work both with Soft Power Health and the Ugandan Ministry of Health on malaria control, we had a commentary piece about mosquito net misuse published in the Lancet*. This was a really wonderful collaborative effort and we are thrilled that it finally got published after a number of years of trying! *see Lancet article at the link:


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