Hyper Hands

With the coldest of Winter setting in, don’t forget to throw a pair of Paddling Mitts into your gear bag.

A recent email brought us these frosty images and a nice compliment about Snap Dragon Hyper Hands.

The Central Iowa Paddlers have a tradition of gathering on New Years Day
to paddle a section of the Des Moines River below the Saylorville
Reservoir – usually the only open water in the area. This past New Years
the event was officially canceled due to the extremely cold temperature
and wind chill, but because several of us were traveling from out of
town we didn’t get the message until arriving at the launch site. Rather
than send one of the paddlers back home, about 3 hours away, a few of us
decided to launch and paddle with him. I borrowed a pair of pogies from
one of the trip coordinators, who hadn’t brought a boat so that he
wouldn’t be tempted to paddle!

I’d never tried pogies because previous experiences had convinced me
that my cold-sensitive fingers needed to be kept dry if they were to
stay reasonably warm. But that day my hands were the warmest they’d EVER
been on an off-season paddle.

The icepaddler photo is by John Wenck of Des Moines, and I took the photo of the
pogies after arriving home. The extreme cold and wind had combined to
produce the frozen spray.

Of course I’ve since purchased a pair of pogies for myself.

Thanks for a great product!

Rick Dietz

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